Optimal Data Sharing & Collaboration: What an Ideal 3D CAD Viewer Means to You

Guangzhou, China: August 9, 2016 – Today’s product  developers are able to work faster than ever before with next-generation tools,  platforms and services that cut costs and save time. While adopting these tools  into R&D lifecycle can be a valuable investment for teams of all sizes, it  can also lead to miscommunication and overlooked mistakes.

To help team members, clients and other stakeholders better understand and  retain information of 3D models, interactive 3D CAD viewers have become one of  the most effective ways of sharing technical product communications.

Created  by ZWSOFT specifically for the automotive industry, CADbro, one of the powerful CAD  Viewers available in market,  can be used during the entire lifecycle of a product through diversified teams,  including engineering, sales, marketing, project management, manufacturing and  purchasing departments.

It’s  an ideal 3D CAD viewer for optimal data sharing & collaboration. Users,  technical or non- technical ones, can apply CADbro to check product  manufacturing information, including data exchanging, interactive 3D CAD  viewing, vivid 3D annotation and even advanced analysis capabilities commonly  seen in more robust CAD packages.




A  Streamlined Collaboration Workflow

Since collaboration is such a  critical factor in the success of bringing a product to market, CADbro has been  designed to be used by both technical and non-technical users with a simple and  easy-to-understand user interface to directly read & save mainstream 3D  neutral formats, like Catia, Parasolid, STEP, DWG/DXF & Parasolid etc, without  the need for additional expensive licenses to interact with them.




Interactive  Annotation Features

Unlike  text editing software, adding remarks or suggestions in CAD isn’t always easy  for those unfamiliar with working in 3D space. CADbro’s 3D annotation features  make it easy for clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to check 3D models,  add remarks and suggestions or any other information that can help get a  product to market faster.




Powerful  Analysis Capabilities

While  modelers can easily check their work with analysis tools directly from within  most CAD systems, this isn’t always ideal for those without licenses or  technical know-how. Included with CADbro is a powerful set of analysis tools  for verifying parts and assemblies throughout the product development  lifecycle, including face, draft and thickness measuring tools.




“CADbro  is definitely the ideal 3D CAD viewer to ease the communication cross  departments in your enterprise,” said Colin Lin, Director of ZWSOFT Overseas  Business. “Seeing is believing. Why not give it a try?”

Now,  ZWSOFT is hosting a prize-winning activity to global users. Try and comment on CADbro now, participates can get a  chance to win a 6-month license of CADbro(Value:$400) and a $40 amazon gift  card.

For more information about  CADbro, please click here or visit ZWSOFT Facebook.

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